The 10 Best K-Pop Videos of 2012 (Not Gangnam Style)

G Dragon by Rhiiiiii The 10 Best K Pop Videos of 2012 (Not Gangnam Style)

G Dragon

About a month after my mid-year countdown of the best K-Pop videos, “Gangnam Style” exploded onto the American shores.  Let me say right now, you will not see “Gangnam Style” in the following list of the Top 10 K-Pop Videos of 2012 as I consider it the Asian equivalent of the Macarena.  I also imagine the more accomplished South Korean musicians were shaking their collective heads as PSY’s song went viral across the Western world and reduced the breadth and brilliance of Korean popular music to a novelty dance craze.

As I said in July, Seoul is home to a dizzying and dynamic music scene which rivals any on Earth.  By sifting through the detritus of the West, pulling out the gems we’ve inexplicably abandoned, then adding their own unique sensibilities, South Korea has given birth to a truly global 21st century pop music.  Though still dominated by a handful of major entertainment super-corporations, and the so-called “Idol Groups” they produce, K-Pop has been expanding and diversifying in earnest.  Six months ago, this list was almost entirely filled with electro-pop.  Now, you’ll note, there is folk, punk, rap and neo-soul to go along with the popton candy.

My hope is “Gangnam Style” is not the end of K-Pop’s inroads to the West.  That would be a shame.  As in so many things, the East has much to teach the West.  If we listen, the music scene in America will stay relevant.  If not, they’ll go on without us.

Muzie, My Name is Muzie

This is not officially on the list but consider it an appetizer to get your brain in the right place. I suspect Muzie thinks of himself as the unnatural offspring of 1980’s Michael Jackson and The Fonz.  Further Reading:  Love at First Sight.

10. JJ Project,Bounce