Seoul Train: The Top 10 K-Pop Videos of 2012 (So Far)

wondergirls Seoul Train: The Top 10 K Pop Videos of 2012 (So Far)

K-Pop Stars: Wonder Girls

[UPDATE 12/24/12: The Top 10 K-Pop Videos of 2012]

No matter how the borders of the world might divide us, all of humanity shares one thing in common; we all know a catchy pop song when we hear it.  The head bobs, thoughts become light, fluffy clouds appear and, after three minutes, we are not necessarily any better people but we’re damned sure happier.  The current axis mundi for such music is Seoul, South Korea.  Known as K-Pop, it’s a strange and potent amalgamation of the last 15 years of Western pop, dance music, hip-hop and R&B manufactured with startling precision.

As American record executives continue to drown in their own ineptitude, confused and frightened by the digital age, desperately seeking a way to keep selling music to the masses, the bosses in Seoul have found a winning formula: Killer hooks, wicked choreography, visceral aesthetics, meticulous production, global-fusion youth fashion, and attractive young Koreans make for a wildly compelling confection.  By sifting through the detritus of the West, pulling out the gems we’ve inexplicably abandoned, then adding their own unique sensibilities, South Korea has given birth to a truly global 21st century pop music, where all that matters is your head keeps bouncing, your body keeps moving, and you finish with a smile on your face. With that in mind, we’ve chosen the Top 10 K-Pop music videos of 2012 (so far).  Since K-Pop is as much about performance and aesthetics as it is about music, all three criteria were given equal weight.

10. f(x), “Electric Shock”

This is not F(x)’s most compelling track but the video has all the elements which makes K-Pop so oddly vital.  Crisp choreography over dance ready synth in a pseudo-futuristic setting while the girls themselves look like really clean versions of American street kids.  The hook is a curseworm.  It will nest in your brain and emerge when you least expect it.  Also, this is not the last time on this countdown careful observers will see a sleeveless AC/DC shirt. Further Reading:  The pink tank in “Hot Summer”.