FP Top 5 International: Bands from New Zealand

newzealand flag 154110556 std FP Top 5 International: Bands from New Zealand

In its role as Australia’s bespectacled, mousey but kinda cute little sister, New Zealand has spent the better part of its existence eschewing the spotlight.  Despite having legitimate claims to fame (such as being the first nation to grant women the right to vote, fathering the first man to scale Mt. Everest,  or ranking 1st out of 149 nations on the “Global Peace Index“), New Zealand has preferred to sit quietly in the corner with its copy of Pride and Prejudice while its often indecent neighbor to the West gets all the hot rugby players.

Not surprisingly, the rock music of New Zealand is similarly reserved.  There are no AC/DCs or Midnight Oils here (the closest NZ ever came was Crowded House, and they rejected their homeland in favor of the Land Down Under).  The best Kiwi bands are happy to sacrifice the anthemic in favor of the intimate.  Simple names, simple songs, simple pleasures.  Without further ado:

Honourable Mention: Flight of the Conchords (1998-present)

A.k.a. New Zealand’s 4th most popular folk-parody duo.  Sadly, only three folk-parody duos made the list.  At least they have each other: