Ask a (Frontier) Psychiatrist

political pictures sigmund freud trust doctor 1 Ask a (Frontier) PsychiatristDear Frontier Psychiatrist,

I have been told that indie rock reinforces low mood.  Is this true?  And, if so, what should I listen to for inspiration?


Dear Indie,

Whether it be ice cream, alcohol, or anti-depressants, the man is always telling you that things designed to make you feel good are actually bad for you.  Indie music is no exception.

In fairness, there is plenty of indie music that might turn a melancholy man downright lachrymose.  For example, you’d be forgiven for wanting to skip the circus after listening to Sufjan Stevens’ tales of Very Scary Clowns:

Sufjan Stevens – John Wayne Gacy, Jr.

The National should probably receive a black-box warning for their song “Conversation 16,” which, were its contents to be mimicked by impressionable youth, could leave the country in the depths of a Kuru epidemic:

The National – Conversation 16

And even the cheeriest, most innocuous-sounding tunes can conceal a dark little secret: